Patient Experience

Cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and economic differences impact how individuals and groups access and use health and social services. These differences can impede effective healthcare education, interventions, and outcomes. The ability to communicate with individuals from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds is essential to organizational success, and for achieving positive patient experiences and health outcomes.

ICC provides healthcare organizations customized solutions to develop and implement culturally and linguistically appropriate services (CLAS) into organizational infrastructure and models of care. These solutions increase access to care for patients with limited English proficiency and communication barriers, improve safety and patient-centered communication, enhance patient experience, and ensure organizations adhere to federal and regulatory language access mandates.


Comprehensive assessment that provides tangible, reliable metrics and benchmarking for organizations to evaluate the opportunities and challenges in their delivery of culturally competent patient-centered care, and to tailor their
quality improvement interventions.


Step-by-step roadmap that provides best practices and customized strategies that support organizations in their efforts to develop and implement effective, high-quality, culturally and linguistically appropriate services (CLAS) and programs.



Comprehensive and tailored programs designed to increase individual awareness and knowledge of cultural nuances that influence health care delivery and identify opportunities for expanding their cultural competency skills. We offer a broad spectrum of cost-effective delivery options. Our custom training materials are available in self-paced e-learning modules, as well as traditional classroom and webinar formats.