Language Access & Patient-Centered  Communication


The ability to effectively communicate with individuals from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds is essential to organizational success and for achieving positive patient experiences and health outcomes. Regulations and accreditation mandates are helping to advance these standards for healthcare organizations. This results in the adoption of  culturally and linguistically competent practices and policies that address health inequity, safety, quality, and meaningful access for individuals with limited English proficiency.


Language access services help individuals with limited English proficiency obtain the same access to and understanding of health care as native English speakers. Examples of language access services includes not only interpretation, but also the translation and completion of vital documents.

ICC provides guidance and support to organizations by reviewing, developing, and implementing effective, high quality language access programs. These programs adhere to federal and regulatory language access mandates and result in increased access to care for patients with limited English proficiency while improving safety, patient-centered communication, and resource utilization.


ICC works to optimize entity dynamics that will improve communication, collaboration, and promote unique contributions.  We provide education and training opportunities that focus on compliance, quality, and patient safety through improved organizational communication and patient/provider communication.