Why Choose InterCultural Communications Solutions?

0ur Difference

Quality healthcare delivery depends on many variables:  globalization, patient and professional diversity, racial and ethnic health disparities in both healthcare and health status, government regulations, and accreditation mandates.


Culturally competent organizations utilize these variables to create policies that support the goals of valuing people, understanding the community in which it operates, and embracing a diverse clientele. 

ICC believes that communication is a key part of the foundation necessary to create and support this culture of trust, inclusion, and respect. We understand the most important challenges present in healthcare regarding diversity, inclusion, and health equity. Our extensive experience, backed by proven success, gives us the insight needed to provide clients with effective communication solutions.


  • We have over 20 years of experience in the development and refinement of processes, procedures, programs, and outcome measures for organizations.

  • We utilize our consulting knowledge to identify actionable opportunities to meet both short and long-term goals, while remaining mindful of the unique aspects of your organization.

  • Our integrated approach delivers practical applications and effective sustainable next steps.

  • We partner with you to assist your organization with the implementation of recommendations and solutions for continued success.

0ur Clients

Our team has worked with and provided consulting services to a wide variety of organizations including healthcare systems, hospitals, clinical practice centers, local and state government agencies, academic and research institutions, health profession schools, nonprofit and for-profit companies, and professional and community organizations.